Agency for Agents Episode 048 Brad Cahone and Cary Macey

Agency For Agents

–Agency for Agents Episode 048 Brad Cahone and Cary Macey

Global Home Realty is a low-cost real estate firm for Realtors® where the transaction fee is only $395.00. This allows real estate agents to keep more of their commission, offer lower commissions to home sellers or buyers, stay competitive in the marketplace, or just give a really nice closing gift and still make more on the deal.  Realtors are getting fee’d to death at traditional brokerages. Most real estate brokers take 20 or even 30% of commissions

Real Estate Broker, Cary Macey states that “Realtors will have more financial security through this new real estate business model at Global Home Realty. Even with hard times forecasted, if an agent’s volume goes down a little bit, their net income could remain the same. And if an agent has 20 or 30% fewer deals they would still earn about the same income. Better yet, if an agent does the same or more business…they’re looking at a 20 or 30% raise!”  CEO, Brad Cahoone adds, “We believe that controlling the process at all steps helps ensure a more seamless transaction, that will lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction for those we serve.” 

Listen to this adjective Agency For Agents episode with Brad and Cary about Global Home Realty!

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • The background of Global Home Realty and Brad and Cary’s experience with this brokerage!
  • Adding value to your team.
  • Brad and Cary’s platform for realtors and how they can help them make a difference.

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